“Lovingly embellished with richly-floral imagery, listening…is like getting agreeably lost in a beautiful garden of flowers, some nodding gently in soft summer breeze, others bobbing brightly.” – ★★★★★ Jon Lusk, BBC Music Magazine

“Lush Welsh pastorals and other odes to spring” – – Neil Spencer, The Guardian

“Atmospheric spirituality runs through an album underpinned with natural world imagery, poetic lyrics and subtle soundscapes”Mojo

“Textures of piano, guitars, synths, violins, cello, flute and pedal steel, arranged like new blooms in a May garden. By turns lyrical and lush, Mai marks a welcome return to the studio” Tim Cumming, Songlines

“an unobtrusive delight where the alternately lush and sparse conjured textures beguile the attentive listener in their careful response to Georgia’s ever-intriguing lyrical vision.” – David Kidman, Folk Radio UK

“Fans of Vashti Bunyan, the quieter moments of Talk Talk and gentle indie-pop will find succour here.”Jude Rogers, tinyletter.com

“Utterly transfixing… beautifully arranged, played and recorded”Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales

Cerddor o Aberystwyth yw Georgia Ruth. Gan ddefnyddio dylanwadau gwerin i greu sain sy’n gwbl unigryw, fe enillodd ei halbwm gyntaf Week of Pines y Wobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig yn 2013, ac fe’i henwebwyd ar gyfer dwy wobr yn y BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.  

Bu Georgia yn cydweithio efo’r Manic Street Preachers ar Futurology yn 2014 cyn rhyddhau ei hail albwm Fossil Scale yn 2016. Mae hi hefyd wedi cydweithio efo The Gentle Good (enillydd y Wobr Gerddoriaeth Gymreig yn 2017) ac efo Gwyneth Glyn a Tauseef Akhtar ar eu prosiect Ghazalaw.

Mae ei thrydydd albwm – Mai – allan trwy Recordiau Bubblewrap.

“Her own debut is a wonder, full of longing and melody” – MOJO 
“One of the British folk discoveries of the year” – The Guardian
“Georgia is finding her own distinct voice” – Q Magazine