The Cloudbroke video is here! It was directed by Eilir Pierce (who also directed Fossil Scale), and was choreographed by the incredible Eddie Ladd (who stars alongside Rebecca Smith-Williams and Eluned Owen as the Fossil Dancers). We shot the video on Southerndown beach, to the southwest of Bridgend, a prime (jurassic!) spot for eager fossil collectors.

Eddie’s choreography brought so much to the song. Our three beautiful fossil dancers, and their journey from the sea to the rocks, represent some sort of unchanging cycle! To work with these amazing women (Eddie, Becky and Eluned) was a surrealist dream!

Here are some behind-the-scenes photographs by Warren Orchard from the shoot:

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Cloudbroke is out now, and has been getting plays from Huw Stephens on BBC R1, Jo Whiley on BBC R2, Adam Walton and Bethan Elfyn on BBC Radio Wales. Thanks to them all for the continued support!

There is also a remix of the track by the ace Ewan Pearson, which you can hear here: