The In Luna EP was recorded at Bryn Derwen studios in Bethesda with David Wrench, and released on 10″ vinyl by Gwymon Records in February 2012. Musicians included Pete Richardson (Gorky’s, Y Niwl) and Pete Walton (Steve Eaves) with artwork by Tom Winfield. Georgia cited Astral Weeks as having provided inspiration during the recording process. Playing songs on his Radio 1 show, Huw Stephens described the record as “exquisite”.

Press for In Luna
“the instrumentation delicate like china” [For Folk’s Sake]

“At pride of place, above harp and plucked double bass, her voice is unavoidably beautiful. It’s like chocolate, and does well to mask a darkness at the heart of ‘In Luna’ – a bitter, haunting liqueur centre that becomes apparent on each return […] Throughout, a journey that began with an armful of borrowed Joan Baez records, remains sonically interesting in the most traditional and subtle ways […]” [Daily Post]

“Fundamentally In Luna is a tale of love and loss, told through a collection which is restrained but at times wonderfully cutting.” [Plastik Magazine]

“Luscious folk pop” [Thank Folk For That]

“perfectly pitched emotional resonance” [Breaking More Waves]

“the EP has the same lovelorn tones as Sharon Van Etten’s stunning 2012 album, Tramp, particularly closing number,‘Anna’, with its bluesy organ swells and heart-fluttering percussion mingling with Williams’ sweetly bruised whispers. We urge you, no matter how mundane your day is, this woman has the power to affirm your life quicker than it takes to shovel a polystyrene carton full of molten takeaway down your neck. We should know.” [Abacus Post]